Services Overview

Strategic Planning

Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It is critical that any technology solution be framed by business metrics and quantifiable results. Strategies are defined by customer visions of “Where are we?”, “Where do we want to go?”, and “What are the priorities to get there?”  Industry dynamics, competitive position, customer requirements, and technology trends are among the criteria used to develop or refine the client’s long term strategic direction and near term critical priorities. SSG is available to facilitate these discussions and/or offer technology strategies to meet corporate goals.

Process Improvement

The objective of process improvement is to improve workflow efficiency, reduce costs and often update technology. Starting with a macro or “enterprise level” process map, individual critical process workflows are analyzed. Many times low hanging fruit is found where productivity improvements can be made in the near term. Process maps are prioritized and examined to identify inefficiencies and limitations. Process improvement recommendations will include modifications to existing processes, functionality expansions, technology advances and performance metrics.

Project Management

Process improvement and corporate goals are used to develop project management documents and guidelines including business requirements, use cases, risk mitigation, resource forecasting, change control, project communication plans, technology requirements and delivery priorities. Our project management methodology is designed to ensure coordination among all levels of client management and functional personnel. Projects are outlined with measurable tasks. This methodology is detailed, organized, and quality-focused. While experienced in project management, Six Sigma, and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) standards, each project scope and the management assignment is scaled to fit project and budget requirements.

GIS Technical Services

SSG provides spatial data management services including data acquisition, transactional updating, and data integration. Implementing technological advances, adhering to industry standards, and developing solutions that incorporate the best practice in spatial data management tools, SSG delivers configurable and well documented tools and workflows.

The specific GIS skill set that SSG can offer includes the following:

Spatial Data Management

Architecting and implementing robust Spatial Data Management processes and data is the cornerstone for all further processes and outcomes. Spatial data management skills include geodatabase design, ArcSDE deployment and tuning, data migration, extract, translate and load (ETL) process development and performance optimization.

Enterprise GIS development

A full scale, mission critical solution including: system integration, software implementation, spatial data management, custom GIS development and training.

Small Business Technology support

Implementation, integration and training for small business platforms. Solutions include migration, performance tuning, custom development and interactive thorough training.